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About us

Kovinoplastika Lož from Slovenia is one of the largest and most successful European suppliers of kitchen sinks and related equipment, which boasts a 61-year tradition. It is an international company, which has earned its enviable position in the kitchen equipment market by pursuing the highest quality standards, keeping pace with modern design trends, and being a flexible and reliable business partner.

Due to its products, which boast not only outstanding quality but also an excellent quality/price ratio, Kovinoplastika Lož is quickly and effectively strengthening its market positions in Slovenia as well as in other European countries.

Next to the production and marketing of the Alveus products Kovinoplastika Lož is also successfully facing the production programs of two other brands  - ARX , trademark for building hardware and TOOLSHOP, trademark for the tool production.

The ALVEUS brand

Amplify your kitchen and express yourself – for anyone and everyone, in any style imaginable. 

Alveus brand products are designed for all modern and classic kitchens. They are made of the highest quality and latest materials and enable simple and environmentally friendly maintenance. Extremely wide and varied product range, different colors, and materials give you complete freedom to give the kitchen your signature and make it truly your own.

With over 50 years of tradition, the ALVEUS brand has become quite recognizable in the wider European market, both in quality and modern design, which follows global trends.

In addition to sinks and kitchen taps, we also offer a wide range of kitchen equipment and gastronorm containers that can be used in catering, hotels, etc.

Alveus brand sinks are available in most of the European markets, which Kovinoplastika Lož effectively manages with its own subsidiaries and the rest through long-term successful partnerships with local companies.

Alveus - coexisting with nature

Alveus is surrounded by wonderful nature.   To make this coexisting possible, we act extremely responsible towards our wonderful environment, at all levels: in development, in waste management, and at low-energy consuming production, we return purified, flawless water to nature, our Alveus products are of high quality and have a long service life, some materials (Inox) are even 100 % recyclable.  More...

ISO Certificates:

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

IATF 16949

Company history

The long tradition of both the company and the brand ALVEUS is one of the assurances that we are still successfully transforming stainless steel into products adapted to time and market specifics. More...