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How to choose the right kitchen sink for your kitchen

When buying a kitchen sink it is recommendable to, consider the following:

Cabinet width – first of all, you must know the size/width of the sink cabinet, which has influence on your choice.
Our sinks are classified according to the minimum required cabinet width, namely 400, 450, 500, 600, 800, 900 and 1000 mm plus 900x900 mm corner cabinet. Smaller kitchen sinks can be accomodated by larger cabinets, but never vice versa. For instance, a sink dimensioned to fit a cabinet of 400 mm minimum width can also be installed into any cabinet exceeding the designated size.

Sink orientation – once you have determined the cabinet width, you have to determine orientation of the sink on the kitchen worktop. You can choose among left-hand, right-hand and reversible sink designs. Most of sinks are reversible, you need not to worry about the orientation upon your purchase, as you can turn the sink with its main bowl(s) according to your needs.

In the next step, you can choose among various materials (stainless steel or composite material), various installation types (inset, flush mount, flat mount, undermount or sit-on) and, various sink designs.


Alveus kitchen sinks come in various orientations to adjust perfectly to your kitchen requirements. To make your decision easier, every sink presentation in this catalogue includes a list of available varieties.

left-hand    - main bowl on the left, drainer on the right

right-hand  - large bowl on the right, drainer on the left

reversible   - any arrangement possible; bowl on the left or on the right

corner         - can be installed into corner cabinets (some models also
                       into regular cabinets, depending on model dimensions).


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