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Functionality of kitchen taps

For a long time now, kitchen faucets are no longer just a water supply in the kitchen - they have become sophisticated in design, elegant, versatile, and practical.

In Alveus' offer, you can find a very rich, technologically advanced range of kitchen faucets, which, in addition to a wide selection of shapes and colors, is also distinguished by the diverse functionality of kitchen faucets.

Pull out & Spray kitchen taps

Modern and tall kitchen faucets give you plenty of space when washing larger dishes by hand in the sink.

However, if you want to get closer to the bowl of salad, to give it a nice shower or maybe both, than look for the Alveus kitchen mixer tap models with a mark P, S or PS in the title. 

P - pull out spout
S - shower function
PS - pull out and shower function

Due to their practicality, pull-out and spray faucets are increasingly encountered in households, not just professional kitchens.

Foldable and submersible kitchen taps

Foldable or submersible kitchen taps are suitable for more demanding installation, for example under a window, and are completely retracted when opened.

More and more kitchens are designed with a view from behind the kitchen sink. 

The kitchen mixer tap would usually stand in the way so that the window could be fully opened and while washing dishes or preparing food you could admire the plants in the garden or the children playing on the lawn.

With the foldable Columba or submersible Norma, you will easily open a window to water the plants, clean a window, or simply let fresh air into a room.

Kitchen taps with a handle on top

Slightly more classic kitchen taps with a handle on top for an eternally modern and elegant kitchen look.

Do you remember what a challenge it is when you are baking, your hands and fingers are covered in dough, and you really need to get some water or wash those hands? That “mission impossible” to reach the handle! 

A kitchen tap with a handle on the top of it is an ideal solution. Quick and easy access to the handle!

Kitchen taps intended for connecting a water filter

Water filter taps are designed to be connected to the water filter, through which water can be cleaned of all contaminants, which impair the quality and taste of drinking water. 

The taps have one or two operational levers.

Two functional levers make access simple and easy. The right lever allows using cold and hot water, for ordinary home use, with the left lever you can have fresh, pure to drink, water. 

For taps that do not have two levers, you perform both of the above functions with just one lever.

Sink mixers do not include the water filter. Check our water filter taps here.

Features of Alveus kitchen taps: 

  • Ceramic discs and metal handles ensure reliable operation and long service life 
  • Taps can operate with water pressure from 0,5 to 8 bar (recommended 1 to 5 bar) 
  • Several models are fitted with pull-out spout and spray function 
  • Taps can be installed on the sink or kitchen worktop 
  • Some models are convenient for under-window installation
  • Kitchen taps are made of brass or stainless steel, with various surface treatments
  • You can choose between both classic and modern forms of kitchen faucets.

Choose your new kitchen tap from the Alveus kitchen taps sales program.


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