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Care and maintenance of Alveus kitchen taps

For cleaning of Alveus kitchen taps, it is best to use a soft cloth, hot water, and liquid detergent for kitchen sinks

After use, dry the reinforcement with a soft cloth.

Should scale build-up on the tap, remove it with 9 % acetic acid.


Silver cleaners, steel wool pads, bleach, or abrasive detergents can damage the tap finish, so they should be avoided. Chlorine detergents (soda hypochlorite) or hydrochloric acid can have a similar effect.


When installing kitchen mixer tap, we advise you to use the service of professional installers, as the guarantee does not cover any damage caused by improper installation and repair. 

Before installing mixer tap all water pipes must be thoroughly rinsed. In order to avoid mechanical damage to mixer tap caused by dirt or coarse particles from the plumbing, it is necessary to attach a mixer tap to the Alveus angle valves filter.

Following the recommendations stated, you will ensure a long service life to your Alveus kitchen products.


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