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Mogoče so vam katera že odgovorjena vprašanja naših strank lahko v pomoč.

Some of the answers to the customers questions might be helpful also to you.

Difficulties with managing the Pop-up button?
It is most likely necessary to adjust the distance on the grid, which you do by unwinding the screw and set the appropriate length of the screw and fix it with the "counter" nut. Over time, with the use of the Pop-up button the distance of the grid may get loose 

Mixer tap has a bad pressure ( water is poorly or not running )?
Check for clogged inlet hoses and, if necessary, clean or replace them. This happens if we do not have a built-in angular valve with filter, as in the water pipes can occasionally be present a greater amount of various impurities such as fine sand. 

Mixer tap is leaking over the inlet or extraction hose?
In case of the mixer tap with a pull-out spout, it is most likely the reason that the pull-out spout is unscrewed what can occur by a daily use of it. You only need to tighten the pull-out spout back.  


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