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Warranty for kitchen taps

Alveus kitchen taps are covered by manufacturers guarantee for faultless operation within a specified period of time, starting on the day of your purchase from a retailer.

The warranty for Alveus mixer taps and its components is valid for 5 years.

The warranty for colored surface coating on the mixer taps is valid for years


  • The guarantee covers any manufacturing or material defects and applies to taps installed according to installation instructions, used as recommended and under normal residential conditions, and cleaned as per cleaning instructions. 
  • Mechanical damages, scratches, scale, and normal wear of parts are excluded from the guarantee. 
  • The guarantee does not affect consumer`s statutory rights in relation to the seller's liability for product faults.

INSTALLATION: Alveus taps should be installed by a qualified or professional person. Any improper installation, unauthorized repair, or alteration will invalidate the tap guarantee. Prior to tap installation, all water pipes need to be thoroughly washed out. In order to avoid any mechanical damages caused by dirt and rough particles within the water supply system, the tap should be connected through an Alveus angular filter valve.  

CLEANING AND CARE: Alveus taps should be cleaned with soapy water and soft cloths. Do not use any abrasive or chemical cleaning agents, rough cloths, sponges, or steel wool pad. It is recommended that the taps are dried off with a soft cloth.


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