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Trends in the kitchen in 2022

Read through the advice of Alveus specialists and enjoy your dream kitchen following the latest trends in 2022.

Trends in the kitchen in 2022

The new year also brings some exciting novelties, new colours, and new trends in the area of interior design, especially in the kitchen area.

Kitchen in 2022

In the past two years, when the whole world was in the grip of a pandemic, many of us have rediscovered the value of our kitchens - we have worked in them from home, done homework with children, cooked every day, spent time with family, etc. 

Therefore, the trends in 2022 tend to the kitchen which is multifunctional, practical and yet pleasant to the eye and touch. In 2022, the kitchens tend from dark shades to colours and the materials of different shapes and textures come to the forefront.


Colour trends in the kitchen and how to combine them


In the last two years, the black kitchen is what the white one used to be once.

Together with the natural wood, the colours bring elegance, warmth and a feeling of cosiness into our home, which we have so gladly adopted from the Danish »hygge« style of living. 

The earthly calmness is upgraded with the kitchen sink of the natural look - Granital composite material in different colour shades of the Formic family perfectly complements your nice black kitchen in a matte look, regardless of whether you decide on the kitchen sink in a lighter sandy or a black shade. You can complete it with the kitchen tap of the same colour and dedicate yourself to your loved ones in the heart of your home.

 Would you like to achieve an elegant, monochromatic blackness? Then you shall place gold colour in your glossy black kitchen – the Alveus collection of Monarch Gold kitchen sinks in combination with the kitchen tap ZEOS P Monarch will raise your kitchen to a completely new level.

 The gold colour will shine glamorously next to the black colour and cooking will become a true pleasure, not a chore.



If we have set navy blue and hunting green alongside the black colour last year, 2022 brings us an earthy grey-green shade, the colour of dried sage leaves - a neutral, calm and tender colour shade that instantly makes the room softer and more calming.

The kitchen cabinets in grey-green will match perfectly with the kitchen countertop in the look of lighter wood, which can be combined with black handles and black kitchen sink and kitchen tap, which will add the final touch.

The Alveus specialists recommend the kitchen sink from the Formic family made of Granital composite material in black colour (twilight) and the kitchen tap Eden with a modern and elegant look in black colour.

If you are not a fan of black colour and want to upgrade the modern grey-green colour with sustainable materials and textures in the kitchen, we recommend wooden or soft leather handles and timeless classic: stainless steel kitchen sink from the Alveus line Pure together with the kitchen tap Eden in high-gloss chrome finish

Perhaps the elegant kitchen tap Nerina PS or practical Azeta P will suit you better? The decision is yours.



In addition to black and grey-green, a favourite remains grey which matches well with natural wood. The Alveus design team prefers complementing the grey colour with classic high-gloss stainless steelThe grey colour can be enriched perfectly with the Monarch kitchen sinks and ZEOS kitchen tap in either bronze or copper shade.



Of course, the current colour guideline should not turn you away from white - white colour is a classic that never goes out of fashion.

The specialists only recommend making it warmer by well-thought-out combining with wooden surfaces.

To soften the whiteness of the kitchen, we also recommend the matte and softer shades of Formic kitchen sinks in earth tones together with the kitchen tap either in the same colour or in high-gloss chrome. Excellent and affordable is the kitchen tap Azeta P or the kitchen tap Eden with its modern design. This way, you will make the timeless classic softer and less sterile and your kitchen will serve as decoration for your home for a long time. 


Materials in the kitchen

The top trend in 2022 are also various materials and textures that you can include in the story of your kitchen in a meaningful way.

At the forefront are natural materials – the warmth of wood, the roughness of stone, the softness of leather, the smoothness of steel – all of these are materials that the internal designers incorporate into the kitchens. 

For example, if you choose a silky-smooth kitchen sink from stainless steel, you shall choose the kitchen cabinet handles from soft leather which will appear in stark contrast: cold-warm, smooth-soft. If you choose high-gloss kitchen cabinets, the kitchen sink and kitchen tap should be made from Granital composite material which has a softer and rougher appearance.


Functionality in the kitchen

In the time that we spent between the four walls during the pandemic, we have thoroughly thought about what is important and now we understand the importance of the functionality of our home. 

In the kitchen, the designers have focused on convenience - the kitchen cabinets are raised to the ceiling so that, thanks to a footstool, we can take advantage of every corner for storing, and also a large storage cabinet is increasingly being used in the kitchens.

Further, the kitchens without handles are also a hit. The kitchen cabinets are designed so that they do not have any handles.


Trends 2022 for your home

What do the trends in 2022 predict for the entire interior design of the home? 

  • The connection with nature is certainly at the top of the list: the use of sustainable materials and earthy colours. At Alveus we are also sustainable: the kitchen sinks made from stainless steel are 100% recyclable; with a special water treatment plant, we return to nature only purified water from production; we reduce energy consumption through innovations in the production; we replace plastic packaging with more environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.
  • Exposure of one wall in the living room – the return of wallpapers, wooden panels of judges, creation of a quiet corner by the fireplace, even if it is an electric one.
  • Elegantcurtains from the ceiling to the floor that provide privacy in the evening and are a decorative element during the day.
  • The gold colour is back: handles, kitchen sink, kitchen tap, shower, decorations etc. If you want to add glamour and elegance to the room, you shall choose a modern gold colour. Monarch Gold is the most prestigious Alveus family of kitchen sinks that will charm you with modern design and uniqueness.
  • Green, I love you green: Big green plants are back! Monstera, which has become a popular motive almost everywhere, is returning to our homes in all its green splendour, as more and more people are involved in the cultivation of these exotic and interesting plants.

Trends indeed provide some guidelines. But do not let them distract you from your wishes and preferences. But maybe you can combine your ideas with trends and create a kitchen and a home in your own way that will keep pace with fashion trends and still reflect your personality and, what is the most important, that you will feel comfortable in it.


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