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Trendy summer kitchen

Find out how you can create a modern summer kitchen according to the latest trends in which you can enjoy not only in summer but at any time of the year.

Trendy summer kitchen

Do you also like to spend the warm days outdoors?

If a summer picnic behind the house once meant a brick grill and a sack of charcoal, nowadays the real summer kitchens are becoming more and more popular as they offer all of the comfort and convenience of an indoor kitchen right next to your terrace.

Find out how you can create a modern summer kitchen according to the latest trends in which you can enjoy not only in summer but at any time of the year.

 1. Set your budget 

Consider your summer kitchen as an investment for the period of 20 years or more as you can use it in all seasons of the year if you plan it carefully.

If your budget does not allow this, you can plan annual extensions or upgrades to your summer kitchen.

Thus in a few years you will get from a simple bar for socializing with your friends to your dream summer kitchen with a grill, pizza oven, dishwasher or whatever you want in it.

It is important that you use durable and high-quality materials that will serve you for a long time. However, this requires a gradual purchase of individual elements over several years.

2. Start with a quality basis – kitchen countertop and kitchen sink

The basis is extremely important - a high-quality outdoor countertop in which you will later install the household appliances and kitchen cabinets and, of course, a kitchen sink, which is really indispensable.

In the first year, the grill may still be provisional, but the running water and some working surface form the basis of every outdoor kitchen.

When choosing the worktop, you shall keep in mind the non-porous and fire-retardant materials that can withstand the external influences well.

For your washing unit Alveus offers different kitchen sinks that are perfect for a summer kitchen and are also ideal for smaller apartments, caravans, ships etc.

It offers three solutions in one: a practical, deep and modern kitchen sink made of high-quality stainless steel, a convenient storage area and a glass-ceramic hob with touch controls. The hob has two cooking surfaces: ideal for a quick preparation of coffee and all other delicacies that you will prepare on the outdoor hob. 

  • But if you prefer an ordinary electric hob next to the kitchen sink, our affordable sit-on kitchen sinks Combi Electra 100 or 120 are an ideal solution for your summer kitchen.
  • Two of the most popular families of Alveus kitchen sinks Pure and Pure UP offer the selection of high-quality, elegant and most modern kitchen sinks with clean and straight lines in different dimensions. A kitchen sink from these families will instantly raise your summer kitchen to the level of the summer kitchens you have admired on Instagram and similar social networks.

  • Are you limited with space? With its small Form 30 kitchen sink Alveus provides also a solution for smaller spaces and/or needs. Despite its small size this kitchen sink is distinguished by all the advantages of large kitchen sinks: large drain opening, simple maintenance, elegant design and timeless shine.
  • For everyone who like timeless classic and simpler shapes, our Alveus specialists recommend Basic 140 or Classic PRO kitchen sinks. They are both designed in beautiful oval lines. The sinks from the Classic PRO family have a storage surface and are available in different dimensions, even with two bowls, if you have such requirements in the water part of your summer kitchen.

3. Thoughtful layout of the summer kitchen

One of the most important steps in planning of any kitchen - indoor or outdoor - is certainly its layout.

The summer kitchen can be even more beautiful - but if it is not functional, its value is significantly reduced

You have to consider where to install the kitchen sink, where to place the grill, how to position a brick oven so that you can warm up next to it in the winter, where to store the utensils and the kitchenware etc.

With a well-thought-out layout you reduce the number of steps you need to make in your summer kitchen, provide a shadow while preparing a summer picnic, use every corner of the space and make your summer kitchen as functional as possible.

4. Priority to the local and environmentally friendly

Local, sustainable and environmentally friendly are very popular terms in the last decade. They are used in almost all areas and are also modern in the summer kitchens.

But how to implement them in the summer kitchen?

For a beginning, choose the materials and kitchen elements of European suppliers.  Alveus is a Slovenian company that will take care of the wet part of your summer kitchen. 

The stainless kitchen sinks are also recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly. 

There is nothing more sustainable than self-sufficiency with vegetables. What if you would add your own little garden of fresh herbs and spices to your summer kitchen?

5. With the comfort in mind

Since in the garden there are never enough comfortable corners to relax, the fashion hit of this summer is a hammock to which you can add a patterned pillow. If you do not have any appropriate trees, you may decide on a hammock with a frame and/or a hanging chair with a frame. 

6. Pleasant evenings by the fire

An open fire is a real hit, especially when we want to spend the evening outside and extend it into the night or when it cools down outside.

It can be whether a brick oven, a steel or stone fireplace, a garden fireplace, a firebox, an open fireplace or a mobile fireplace. 

With its pleasant warmth and unsurpassed romantic charm of the flickering fire, any type of the fireplace will remain our meeting point for socializing outdoors even after the summer is long over.


7. Green summer kitchen

As said, the summer kitchen is an ideal place where you can experiment with colours as you wish. 

You can choose the shades that you can find around your garden or you can choose an eye-catching, strong and bright colour. The colour of the year 2021 is green!

As you can see, you are not far away from your summer kitchen. Take courage and bring your holidays to your home yard, garden, terrace or balcony and enjoy your free time outside of in the company of your loved ones.

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