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...with just a push of a button

We upgraded for you some Alveus kitchen sink models with new functional and esthetic siphon system PUSH Pop-Up.

...with just a push of a button

You can choose from Pure Up, Karat Up, Wave Up and Glassix Up kitchen sink models. All these models are equipped with PUSH Pop-Up siphon which is full of great features.


PUSH Pop-Up button and drainer plate are not only functional but with its clean lines and smooth surface they give your kitchen sink a high-end and prestigious look. To make the look of your kitchen sinks perfect we added an aesthetically hidden overflow.


Managing the PUSH Pop-Up siphon is very easy ... simply by pushing a button.
When the button is in the level of the kitchen sink, the drainer is open to the flow of the water and other liquids. At the push of the button, it rises above the surface of the kitchen sink, indicating that the drainer of your kitchen sink is closed and you can fill it up with water.

When using your kitchen sink for more demanding kitchen tasks with a bit more food waste or when you just want to clean the drainer plate, you sinly remove it from the grid and lay it back when desired.


The drainer can be managed with just a push of a button.


The drainer plate is elegantly attached on the drainer grid with a magnet, the manipulation is therefor very easy.


You will not need to waste time and patience for assembling many small parts. The PUSH Pop-Up siphon has already been put together for you. All you need to do is to adjust the siphon to fit perfectly to your kitchen sinks .


The siphon can be used (installed) on various kitchen sink models. 


The PUSH Pop-Up siphon is designed and assembled thoughtfully to take as little space under the kitchen sink in your cabinet, leaving enough space for an extra drawer, waste bins... .

Pure Up 30
Pure Up 30 F/S
Pure Up 50
Pure Up 50 F/S
Pure Up 60
Pure Up 60 F/S
Pure Up 70
Pure Up 70 F/S
Karat Up 10
Karat Up 10 I
Wave Up 20
Wave Up 20 I
Glassix Up 10
Glassix Up 10 I
Glassix Up 40
Glassix Up 40 I
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