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Extremely durable and attractive sink with an innovative, aesthetic auxiliary horizontal overflow that allows the Intermezzo family of sinks to have 40% more volume than other models with similar dimensions. You can choose between three models with one or two bowls.

Sivo kuhinjsko korito

Installation type: Inset (I) and undermount (U).
Material: Composite material - Granital
Colors: Standard Granital Colors

(G11-arctic, G55-beige, G91-carbon, G81-concrete)

The uniqueness of the sinks from the Intermezzo family is the above-average volume (Full Volume), which makes it easier for you to clean baking pans and large dishes.

All models of Intermezzo sinks are reversible. Installation types can be Inset sinks (I) or Undermount sinks (U)

The Intermezzo sink family consists of 3 models: Intermezzo 30, Intermezzo 70 and Intermezzo 130 which can be equipped with accessories such as chopping boards and strainer bowl, which further increases their functionality.

All Alveus kitchen sinks have a 5-year warranty.

Intermezzo 30
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Intermezzo 130
Intermezzo 130 I/U The minumum cabinet size for I install...
Intermezzo 70
Intermezzo 70 I/U The minumum cabinet size for I installa...
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