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ALVEUS will warm your heart with STYLUX, the new family of kitchen sinks, which belongs to the very top of contemporary design solutions. You can choose amongst seven fabulous sink models of different dimensions that are built from CrNi 18/10 grade stainless steel in 1 mm thickness, and enhanced by a wide range of innovative and stylish accessories.

Moderno kuhinjsko korito

With their accomplished detail and precise finish, the Stylux sinks will impress even the most demanding user. 

The sink's unique and recognizable character is matched by the square POP-UP button.

The radii of only 10 mm and the bowl depths of 200mm create additional space for more comfortable sink use and allow for simpler cleaning and a consequently a higher degree of hygiene.

Installation: inset (I), flush mount (F), or flat mount (S)

Surface: BRS - brushed

Innovatively finished and wide range of accessories

Open up new perspectives for your sink with a wide range of accessories that are functional and design-perfect.

BiBoard - Elegance in black

Stylux sinks will convince you with a unique BiBoard lid made of black tempered glass, which conjures up an atmosphere in your kitchen in two ways that will impress you.

Before leaving the wet part of the kitchen, use the BiBoard lid as a blanket for your sink and leave it to your sweet dreams ... until the next gathering while preparing food ...

TriTop - From the small comes the great

The sink with clean, minimalist lines will become a real multifunctional center for preparing gourmet delights with the help of the TriTop lid.

The functional combination is represented by the lids in two dimensions, which in different configurations offer the sink three additional usable properties:

  • TriTop significantly increases the usable area if necessary
  • TriTop adds a draining surface to the sink and
  • TriTop hides the sink after use

Draining bowl

Stainless steel draining bowl - a practical and stylish addition to the sink, which, combined with innovative Stylux sink accessories, noticeably increases usable space and brings stock-compromise elegance and style to any kitchen.

Stylux 10
Stylux 10 F/S
Stylux 40
Stylux 40 F/S
Stylux 50
Stylux 50 F/S
Stylux 60
Stylux 60 F/S
Chopping board - wood (418x250x20)
For sinks: Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Quadrix 50 Granital, Int...
TriTop 400
cover Alveus TriTop 400 - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino 30
TriTop 340
cover Alveus TriTop 340 - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino 20
Biboard 400
Biboard 400 - Stylux 10/40/50
Strainer bowl – stainless steel
Strainer bowl - Stylux, Pure, Quadrix, Kombino, Crystalix, Karat, I...
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