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Alveus Mix & Match

Dare to create a wet part of the kitchen exactly according to your taste! Choose your colour combination!

Alveus Mix & Match

The majority of new buildings are characterized by large and open places. The kitchen and the living room are often without any boundary or separated only by a kitchen island.

Elegant, minimalist arranged kitchens with a »waw-effect« have therefore become almost a necessity.

Alveus follows modern trends and architectural requirements of the customers, so therefore the design of kitchen sinks and kitchen fittings perfectly matches both visually and functionally.

In addition, we only use top quality materials that allow easy and environmentally friendly maintenance and cleaning.


Depending on the manufacturing material Alveus offers its customers the following four possibilities of choice: 


The technological progress of our own production, together with our design team, has elevated the classic stainless steel kitchen sinks to modern, elegant and contemporary kitchen sinks that meet the needs of every kitchen in a variety of design lines.

To add a touch of glamour, the specialists at Alveus have developed the Monarch line;

 to the most popular kitchen sinks from stainless steel ceramic nitride is added during the production and the final outcome are unique kitchen sinks from coloured stainless steel that are highly resistant to scratches and available to selected tastes in exciting gold, bronze, copper and anthracite grey colour shades.

Since the world has turned back to nature in recent years, we follow the trend of earth shades of kitchen sinks made of Granital composite material which is extremely solid and grateful for frequent use and can also be perfectly combined in a variety of kitchen styles and colours.

For all those who want to completely personalize the look of their kitchen, there are interesting and design-specific kitchen sinks made of tempered glass produced in any color, graphics, or an added photo if desired.


Your style, your colours

With Alveus Mix & Match system you may choose the models of kitchen sinks from your favourite material in the colour that suits you the most and additionally personalize it by choosing the kitchen taps in the same or a completely different colour. Kitchen sink Quadrix 50 in gold Monarch colour combined with kitchen tap Laguna and Monarch silver waste outlet

When you want to continue playing with colours you may also choose the colour of the drain and pop-up handle to control the drain.

Dare to dream … Dare to create a wet part of the kitchen exactly according to your taste! A special kitchen also deserves a special kitchen sink as this is the central and the most noticeable point of your kitchen.


What is your favorite combination?

Let us look at some colour combinations that have been created at the request of our customers:

  • natural with golden elegance: a white granite kitchen sink is complemented and enhanced with a golden colour of the drain, pop-up handle, drain opening, and the elegant and modern kitchen tap.

Kitchen sink Fromic 20 made of white Granital combined with gold kitchen tap Lagna and gold waste outlet

  • Glamorous Monarch combinations: Monarch, the most glamorous family of Alveus kitchen sinks, is available in the following four colours: gold, bronze, copper and anthracite grey.

The Monarch kitchen taps Oz, Laguna, Slim, Fluid, Zina and Zeos are available in the same color shades.Kitchen sink Quadrix 50 in gold Monarch colour combined with kitchen tap Laguna and Monarch silver waste outlet

Since all four shades match well with each other, the possibility of choice is really huge.

Highlight the copper kitchen sink with anthracite buttons, drains and kitchen tap or choose one kitchen sink in anthracite colour and the other in copper colour and change the colour of the waste outlets. Variant kitchen sinks in Monarch copper and anthracite colour with switched waste outlets and kitchen tap Slim Monarch

 Or perhaps you prefer a classical stainless steel kitchen sink which can be enhanced with a kitchen tap in one of Monarch colour shades and combined with drain and drain buttons in a matching colour?Kitchen sink Stylux made of inox steel, gold kitchen tap Laguna Monarch, and gold waste outlet

  • Granital with colour accents: if you are attracted by the natural but want to keep some glamour at the same time, the combination of a kitchen sink in pearl, sandy, chocolate brown, grey or black colour with drain buttons and kitchen tap in gold, bronze, anthracite or copper colour will immediately breathe a soul to your kitchen.

Kitchen sink Formic 20 from white Granital and copper drain, combined with Slim Monarch kitchen tap also in copper colour

  • There is nothing more personalized: the kitchen sink made of tempered glass is completely adaptable to your style, as the glass, representing the edge of the kitchen sink and the storage surface, may be made in any colour, with patterns or graphics or even with your favourite photo of a travel destination or your family, etc. This way, your kitchen sink becomes unique and entirely according to your wishes.

Accessories that impress

We also did not forget about the additional "sweets" that are not only beautiful but also functional. If you wish, you may choose a draining container in any colour that either matches the colour of the kitchen sink or is in a colour shade of the tap and drain and makes your daily washing of fruits and vegetables more pleasant.

The kitchen sinks of the Line, Kombino, Formic and Quadrix families may be supplemented with a practical wooden chopping board that immediately increases your working surface and saves time at clearing up the kitchen.

Get rid of small bottles of soap and detergent near your kitchen sink forever! Install a detergent dispenser directly to the edge of your kitchen sink in order to keep the kitchen looking tidy. The detergent dispensers are available in different colours and are a part of our Mix & Match system.

Click on Alveus online Mix & Match catalogue and choose your dream kitchen sink and kitchen tap in your favourite combination of materials and colours!

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