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KITCHEN SINKS: The most frequently asked questions and answers

We have prepared some of the most frequently asked questions about kitchen sinks and kitchen taps and the answers given by our Alveus specialists.

KITCHEN SINKS: The most frequently asked questions and answers

1. How to choose the perfect kitchen sink?

 There is no unique answer to this question, as the term "perfect sink" for everybody means something else. 

It is best to write down the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Alveus kitchen sink so that you can find your favourite as quickly as possible.

Stainless steel in various treatments is selected only from top-quality steel, which guarantees users strength and durability from the first day of use. With proper but simple care, your kitchen sink will retain its unique shine and modern appearance, which can only be provided by the eternal favourite - stainless steel. 

Advantages: durable, suitable for most kitchen styles and colours, available in many shapes and models, highly hygienic, environmentally friendly (steel recycles completely).

Disadvantages: with non-regular cleaning, drops (limestone) are visible, and it is partially sensitive to scratches (knife tips, wire sponge). But the scratches are a reflection of life in the kitchen. 


The composite kitchen sink from Granital is made from a mixture of particles of the most solid granite material and a special mass that doubles its strength and durability. 

This, in addition to its beautiful appearance, places it alongside the most frequently chosen kitchen sink in the world, the stainless steel sink. 

The composite kitchen sink, in white, sand, brown, grey or black, perfectly supplements the monochromatic kitchens of small or large formats. In addition to its immense strength and durability, it is also simple to clean.

Advantages: extremely solid and durable, available in trendy black and other earthy tones, highly resistant to temperature changes. Simple to clean - Most stains and dirt can be removed with mild liquid non-abrasive household cleaners or ammoniac-based detergents. More difficult stains can be removed with a fine polishing agent; the remains of limestone can be removed with 9% acetic acid (vinegar). We recommend Alveus cleaning and care agents.

Disadvantages: it is partially sensitive to scratches (knife tips, wire sponge) and strong stains (it applies above all to the lightest shades of kitchen sinks - if not cleaned immediately, a stain appears, for example, beetroot, pumpkin oil, coffee). Specific colours may not match every chosen shade of the wooden part of the kitchen (we recommend visual consultation).


Kitchen sink from tempered glass: the bowl is made of steel, surrounded by an elegant rim and a storage surface made of seductively shiny tempered glass. The perfect option for individualization, as we can transform the glass into any design or colour you choose.

Advantages: it has all the benefits of our stainless steel sinks, and tempered glass is particularly simple to clean and care for.

Disadvantages: if something very heavy or sharp falls on the edge of the tempered glass at an awkward angle, the tempered glass may crack or chip (but not crumble due to the processing). 

However, Alveus kitchen sinks made of tempered glass are extraordinarily durable, and such cases are very rare. 

More in the video 


Alveus Monarch: has all the advantages of a stainless steel kitchen sink – materials, design, quality – but in four exceptional shades that we achieve with a special surface treatment of noble steel. This way, we get unique shades of gold, bronze, anthracite and copper.

Advantages: all the advantages of stainless steel kitchen sinks, exceptional eye-catchiness and individuality, the possibility of mix-and-match creation and a combination of colour shades. Unique PVD technology makes Alveus Monarch sinks even more solid and makes cleaning easier.

Disadvantages: higher price, partially sensitive to scratches (knife tips, wire sponge), drops (limescale) are visible with non-regular cleaning.


2. What are the standard dimensions of kitchen sinks?

 The standard size of the kitchen sink fits on a cabinet with a width of 60 cm, so it is a 50x50 cm sink. 

But Alveus offers you a wide variety of sink dimensions and shapes. Why would you squeeze a standard sink dimension into your non-standard kitchen? 

You may prefer a small Form 10 oval kitchen sink for a 40 cm kitchen cabinet, or perhaps a large Kombino 70 sink for an 80 cm wide kitchen cabinet, and for more spacious kitchens, the Classic Pro 110 kitchen sink – a combination of two bowls and a draining surface, which requires an 80 cm cabinet and its storage surface extends to a total of 110 cm.

Or you may step entirely outside the standard framework and decide on a corner kitchen sink that has a size of 90x90 cm.

Recently, we have noticed an increase in the demand for large kitchen sinks and double kitchen sinks among customers.


3. Single or double kitchen sink?

One of the common dilemmas that users have is whether to choose a single kitchen sink with or without a draining surface or opt for an option with two bowls. 

We advise buyers to first pay attention to the width and size of the cabinet in which you will build the kitchen sink, as this represents a limitation in the choice. 

Next, you must know whether the kitchen tap will be on the left or right side or even in the middle of the kitchen sink. 

But the decision depends mainly on your habits in the kitchen:

  • we recommend a single kitchen sink to customers who primarily use the dishwasher, and so the dishes do not accumulate in the sink, 
  • we recommend a double kitchen sink to customers who often wash dishes by hand and can then leave them to drain in one sink or for large families where there is a lot of cooking and, as a result, large quantities of dishes that cannot be washed in the dishwasher at the same time and therefore either leave a part in one sink to have the other free or often wash dishes by hand and thus have more space and comfort in the kitchen.


4. What is the purpose of double kitchen sinks?

The answer is already hidden in the previous question - mainly in spaciousness, comfort at manual washing-up, space for draining already washed dishes, additional storage space while preparing food for many people etc. 

Alveus specialists always recommend a double kitchen sink for homes with a lot of cooking and socializing around the food. 

In such a case, the double kitchen sink increases your work surface, as you can put down kitchen waste and already used dishes while you still have another sink free and clean for ongoing work. Priceless! 


5. A kitchen sink from Granital or stainless steel? 

At Alveus, we are uncompromising regarding quality, so only one factor can decide: your taste. 

Compare the both visually, considering the chosen wooden part of the kitchen - style, colour and appearance, and you will probably decide most easily whether the eternal elegance and shine of stainless steel or the gentle and earthy tones of a granite kitchen sink suits you more. 

Remember that you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Therefore, it must meet your beauty ideals rather than your neighbour's.


6. Are kitchen sinks made of Granital worth the money?

 Yes, definitely. You will be satisfied with its visual appearance, long service life, simple maintenance, durability, etc. They are not among the cheapest, but they are not among the most expensive either. Consider that it is a long-term purchase, where the saying: »A little money, a little 'music'« certainly applies. 


7. What type of kitchen sink is easiest to keep clean?

When it comes to maintaining cleanliness, we must remember that not everything depends only on the material but also on the shape of the kitchen sink. 

If you are reluctant to pick up a cloth and cleaner, then you should decide on lines that are as rounded as possible because they are easier to wipe than more modern straight lines. 

The under-mount version of the sink will also be of great help, as you will easily wipe crumbs and drops from the work surface directly into the kitchen sink, and you will not be bothered by small dirt that might get caught in the edge of the above-counter kitchen sink version. 

When choosing a material, we recommend stainless steel if dried drops caused by dried limescale do not disturb you or if you do not regularly wipe the sink with a dry cloth or Granital in darker shades, on which traces of more substantial food will not be visible. Regular cleaning of Granital kitchen sinks is necessary also for hygiene reasons and at least once a month due to limescale.


8.  Which are the essential features of a kitchen tap?

 When choosing a kitchen tap, Alveus specialists advise you to pay attention to the material and its processinghow the kitchen tap is used, and the shape and colour with which you will achieve a complete visual effect – matching with the kitchen or its complete contrast, as is typical for kitchens according to the latest trends.

Material: Alveus kitchen taps are produced of brass or stainless steel with different surface treatments. 

The forever elegant silver appearance of stainless steel is available in four designs:   

  • high gloss is achieved by polishing the chrome to the maximum, 
  • a matt effect is achieved by brushing the chrome, 
  • it is also available in a matt nickel finish, 
  • satin surface with the satin treatment of stainless steel.

Colour: Alveus kitchen taps are coated with special treatment for different colour effects. Thus, the top collection of Monarch kitchen taps is coated with ceramic nitride, giving four unique shades (gold, anthracite, bronze and copper). For the effect of the earthy tones of Granital, which perfectly coincide with Granital and other kitchen sinks, the taps are treated in a way to obtain different colour shades: black, white, sandy, brown, etc.

Design and operation: The design of Alveus kitchen taps is clean, with no hidden or hard-to-reach corners that would cause you grey hair when cleaning. The kitchen taps are also adapted to the functional needs of every individual. Thus, we have a wide range of kitchen taps with additional options – pull-out taps, taps with shower, switchable taps for installation under the window etc.

For that reason, we use only the best materials for our products, including kitchen taps, as they ensure a long service life and, at the same time, enable simple maintenance. Our kitchen taps are designed with functionality and a user-friendly experience in mind.


We hope that we have answered your questions and solved your dilemmas. 


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