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Who is a granite sink the right choice for?

Find out why the granite kitchen sink is the right choice for your kitchen.

Who is a granite sink the right choice for?

Someone who is buying a sink for the first time can find choosing among the many materials, colors and shapes stressful.

It’s fine when the only shape is concerned. We know what kind of sink we need to serve our cooking ventures as much as possible - double, single, larger or smaller, a deeper vessel for washing dishes ...

Then comes the material: stainless steel, tempered glass, composite or granital ...

This time we will focus on the latter - is a granite sink the right choice for your future kitchen and why? Read in the article below. 
More information about the models of granite sinks and how to get them can be found here.  

What is Granital?

Granital is a composite material that is a mixture of two materials and represents one of the most solid materials on the market.

In fact, Granital has even better properties than the natural granite which is the second hardest substance on Earth, immediately after diamond.

Granital is a mixture of 75-80% granite particles or granite powder, bound together by a high-quality binder. This mixture gives incredible strength to the sink, but also the required flexibility and resistance to high-temperature changes, for example, when boiling water is poured into it and then poured over with cold water.

Natural trend 

White high-gloss kitchens are replaced by darker colors, natural materials, and robust appearance.

If you have fallen in love with the natural and want to incorporate this organic touch into your future kitchen, a sink from granital will be a wonderful natural addition to every kitchen. Alveus granite sinks are available in pleasant and soothing terrestrial tones: anthracite, reddish clay, beige and concrete colors.

Some of the luxury and prestige is offered by granite sinks in terrestrial tones with highlighted glitter in snowy arctic, sandy, chocolate, and gray-steel colors.

Also, if you choose a classic white kitchen, a sink with, for example, a chocolate-color tone will be gentle but at the same time noticeable enrichment of your kitchen.

Granite sinks: Colors and stains

Granite is a natural rock which is characterized by color shades or color inconsistency.

In the case of a granite mixture, however, you do not have to worry that the delivered sink will be completely different from the one that you have fallen in love with online or in a kitchen showroom.

With the mixed granite powder, the color of the mixture can be accurately controlled, therefore granite is an excellent solution for anyone who likes natural appearance but does not care for the typical color deviations of natural materials.

Do you like the light colors of composite sinks, but are concerned with the stains of tea, coffee, red wine, mustard?

Granite is a non-porous rock, so you do not have to worry about kitchen stains - granital is strongly resistant to them, as well as to scratches, abrasions, and impacts.

Technical advantages of a sink made of composite granital

In addition to the above-mentioned characteristic of color not varying in the same way as with the natural granite, the mixture is also much lighter compared to granite (although it is still much heavier than a stainless-steel sink), so no additional reinforcement of the kitchen counter are needed and there are no other restrictions when installing the sink.

The composite material is dense and quite thick, thus another positive feature of this sink is that it naturally absorbs sounds and is therefore very quiet (water from the kitchen faucet will therefore not splash noisily in the sink).

Affordability of a granite sink

One of the important factors in choosing a sink is, of course, the price.

Let us inform you that Alveus sinks made of granite are available already for a hundred euros, while the price of the most expensive one does not exceed 225 euros.

Our sales advisors will best advise you on the size, shape, and color to ensure that the sink will suit your kitchen as much as possible.

Cleaning a granite sink

Perhaps you will need to invest a bit more effort in the cleaning of a granite sink than in the case of a stainless-steel sink, where warm water and a soft cloth are sufficient.

But do not be scared, the cleaning is still easy. You only need to be careful to avoid rough cleaning materials and strong, abrasive cleaners.

In any case, do not use bleach which may discolor the beautiful color of the sink. More frequent, but gentle cleaning is more advisable than the occasional and aggressive cleaning of the granite sink.

Use a microfiber cloth and warm water with gentle soap and wipe the sink dry after cleaning to avoid the accumulation of limescale.

You still have not chosen a granite sink for your kitchen? Take a look at the rich range of Alveus or read more about the sink material itself and you will be convinced why a granite sink is the best choice for you.

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